A few wrap up items

Having tried, yet also finding some limits to wide spread adoption that would allow the project to have a real impact on gun safety, it is time to call it a wrap on the Gun Geo Marker Project. The blog site will live on as both document and for occasional updates if some should come about. In this post, I am going to leave a few artifacts for documentary purposes. One is the promotional video, and the other a white cube artifact that has been shown around a little bit and which remains available for exhibition. Please don’t take any of this to mean I am no longer as gun sanity advocate seeking to preserve the second amendment by doing something about the proud wacko-birds or cynical organizations such as the NRA and GOA, those who are doing to most to threaten the long term viability of the second amendment.



On a final note, it is still not clear to me why so many proud wacko-bird type gun owners associate themselves with pedophilia. Wtf?


App Lets Gun Enthusiasts Track Down Gun Control Advocates’ Home Addresses

Here is some great new reporting by Lauren Williams, revealing further app antics on the part of some right wing doxers who will not show their faces.

App Lets Gun Enthusiasts Track Down Gun Control Advocates’ Home Addresses
by Lauren C. Williams 4/3/2015


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Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App

From the University of California, San Diego:

Statement Regarding Gun Geo Marker Mark 1 App Developed by UC San Diego Professor Brett Stalbaum

Like all great public research universities, UC San Diego is home to a diverse faculty with a wide range of interests and points of view. On occasion, the research or creative works developed by faculty may be quite controversial. This is especially true when a creative work takes on complex issues where the public has strong opinions. We understand and acknowledge that, at times, the public may not agree with an individual’s views or tactics. However, the university is built upon the principle of academic freedom for faculty members to direct their areas of creativity and inquiry. As a platform for innovative thought that may challenge the status quo, the university does not take positions on the political implications of its researchers’ work.
University of California policies protect the academic freedom of our faculty within the confines of the law and the Faculty Code of Conduct. The University does not endorse or support the violation of any law or University policy, and we take seriously our role as a public trust. When issues arise, we conduct a prompt review of all allegations of violations of law. Each campus of the University provides training regarding responsibilities of our employees, and has established processes by which complaints regarding allegations of misuse or illegal activity are reviewed to ensure adherence to state and federal law.

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