A few wrap up items

Having tried, yet also finding some limits to wide spread adoption that would allow the project to have a real impact on gun safety, it is time to call it a wrap on the Gun Geo Marker Project. The blog site will live on as both document and for occasional updates if some should come about. In this post, I am going to leave a few artifacts for documentary purposes. One is the promotional video, and the other a white cube artifact that has been shown around a little bit and which remains available for exhibition. Please don’t take any of this to mean I am no longer as gun sanity advocate seeking to preserve the second amendment by doing something about the proud wacko-birds or cynical organizations such as the NRA and GOA, those who are doing to most to threaten the long term viability of the second amendment.



On a final note, it is still not clear to me why so many proud wacko-bird type gun owners associate themselves with pedophilia. Wtf?


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