Freak out over Guns & Ammo Magazine Editorial

The more children that die due to neglectful or poorly trained gun owners, the greater the public outrage becomes. How is that going to play out? Gun rights supporters have two options: 1) Get on the reasonable side of history soon. 2) Wait until public opinion turns from outrage over the poor regulation of firearms safety in the United States, and becomes a broader movement to repeal the second amendment. Guns & Ammo Magazine gets it. Bravo.

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Harrassed spouse of NRA top brass has become voice for anti-gun advocates

What I think this is showing – in addition to Maribeth D’Alauro’s courage – is that there is strong tolerance within the NRA for typical “men’s rights movement” types. If the NRA was serious about protecting the second amendment, they would not tolerate a Richard D’Alauro in their operation, and would not oppose laws to temporarily prohibit abusers from possessing firearms. This is how the NRA harms our second amendment rights.

US Child Gun Deaths Rose 60% in 10 Years

Or perhaps, the national conversation about gun control should move from the right to gun ownership to why 1) the states do not require more extensive training for new gun owners or 2) why so many men feel they need a gun as an identity prop, and in the process become a greater threat to their own families and children than any of the purported reasons they purchased a home defense weapon in the first place?

Playing games with children’s lives

“As an adult, you should know better than to play a game with a 3-year-old with a gun. You never know what could happen. And in this case, it went off and a little boy had to die,” Kim Vansickle, neighbor, said.

Neighborhoods need a way to share information about unsafe gun owners. It is time to stop playing games.

Another death that could have been prevented if only pro-safety adults had a way to support accountability

How many of you know a gun owner who refuses to use a trigger lock when storing guns around kids only because of some strange paranoia about personal protection? Shouldn’t you talk to them? Shouldn’t someone talk to them? Are your children playing in the homes where adults improperly secure their firearms?

Guns don’t kill children, but children do sometimes shoot themselves or family members to death with guns irresponsibly stored by adults. There was a category for this in the Gun Geo Marker app (The app which was hacked out of practical existence by Second Amendment absolutists who you can listen to here.) Straight up, this is just another death that might have been prevented if only neighborhoods had the information they need to support gun-safety accountability. I agree with Brain Holbrook, the grieving father:

“I have nothing wrong with guns it’s with this country was built on. I will still support the Second Amendment.”

“All I ask is that everyone please, please safety first lock it up and put it out of reach of anyone that has no business being around a gun especially kids.”

“Gun safety people! My boy would still be here if it was put away like it should have been.”